Liam's Smile

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With generous donations we have been able to provide the following
treatments for Liam:
$4,000 - Trip to Florida for cranial sacral work. (Outcome - front cranial
bone moved forward, neck became even looser)

$2,400 - Trip to Oklahoma to meet with Phyllis Libby. She is Liam's
developmental consultant who taught us the various therapies that we need to
do. ($1400 in program fees, $500 in rental car, $100 gas, $400 hotels and

$800 - Chiropractic care

$200- Special slide for Liam

$3,550-Costs for first round of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to begin
Treatment Details:

Chiropractic Care

Liam has had a total of 20 visits with two chiropractors. He has made
enormous progress. His neck is nearly 100% range of motion (no longer
jammed). His pelvis is opening up. His cranial bones are falling under
alignment. He still has more work that needs to be done--his jaw is still
sunken. We are under the impression that once the jaw is aligned, the
chiropractic care will be more to ensure that Liam "stays" in alignment, not
to "get" Liam into alignment.

We have made $400 in co-pays to insurance, and we have exhaused our
amount allotment of treatment for the year. Additionally we have spend an
addtional $400 in house call fees. Since we are so far from the
chiropractors and given Liam's reflux problem, Liam would actually throw out
his alignments on these long car rides (from screaming from being in his car
seat) and make his reflux worse, so the treatments weren't as effective.
Additionally, Liam was so irritated from the ride that all he would do is sleep
when he got home and we couldn't do any other therapies with him. Dr.
Walkerwicz kindly started making house calls (now she drives an hour each
way). This has enabled us to ensure that Liam gets his therapies. We have
seen more progress in his adjustments etc.

We are very hopeful that we will not have to continue house calls since Liam
should grow out of the fussy car seat problem. We will still need to see the
chiropractor and will start having to pay out of pocket for the entire
adjustment fee. The fees range from $40-$55 per week, and we need to see
the chiropractor at least two times per week.


It has been very difficult to find volunteers for patterning that correspond
with Liam's schedule. We have found one volunteer through Craig's list who
comes three times a week. We realize that in order to get Liam patterning
therapy (this is the most beneficial and important physical therapy for
Liam) we are probably going to need to pay people to come to ensure this is
done. This patterning therapy helps children crawl, walk, and even speak!!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

From all of the research that I have done on the internet and by talking
with other parents of children with brain injury. All parents STRONGLY
encourage us to do HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). The parents have
seen wonderful results in their children. HBOT treatment revives the dormant
cells that were damaged during the injury and even helps build new brain

We were horrified when we initially discovered that some of these
treatments cost between $100-$200 a treatment and you need at least 40 to
see progress! Additionally, you can only have a maximum of two treatments a
day. Most parents spend a fortune living in hotels and traveling all over the
country to get these treatments.

We were so blessed to find out about This location
was created by grandparents of a child with cerebral palsy. The randparents
were so impressed with the benefits of the treatment that they actually
purchased a chamber with the intention of keeping costs as low as possible
to benefit as many children as possible. They actually lower costs when they
are able to. They run their sessions in blocks of 40 and they encourage
parents to do 120 treatments. From their experience (15,000 treatments in 7
years), they see 120 as the ideal amount of treatments. Their program fee
for 40 treatments is $3050.

The break down is as follows:

Actual treatment - $2360
Hood for Liam    $125
Physican fee       $50
Housing for 23 days $460
Housing Security Deposit $55

They treat children for 6 days straight for 3 weeks, then for an
additonal 2 days. You stay at Miracle Mountain for about 23 days.
Transportation is not provided so you need to obtain a rental car which
averages around $500 for 23 days.

We were given a generous gift of money and Liam will have 40 treatments
beginning 7/2.

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