Liam's Smile

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Liams Update
Liam had his hips x-rayed this past year since he is at risk for hip problems since he does not bear weight on his legs. His hips looked amazing. The doctor would not have known that Liam had severe cerebral palsy on account of the x-ray. The reason Liam’s hips looked so good is Hayley is putting him in the stander 4 times a week for 30 minutes at a time. I am so grateful that she is able to do this. 
Liam continues to be extremely healthy. He has a cold this week but he hasn’t had more than three colds this past year and hasn’t been on an antibiotic in years. Yeah! Lars and Jean-Luc have been equally healthy as well. 
Liam is also able to rub his eyes a bit when he is tired….it is really cute. 
New Grant
Liam has come off the waiting list from the Family Support and Resource Center.  This means that we can obtain additional help for medical equipment and funds for respite. We have used the funding to purchase some communication equipment for Liam.  We purchased a programmable “button” that Liam can use with his head to communicate phrases. We have also utilized the respite funding for Alynna who helps us out on Mondays since Hayley works Tuesday through Friday.
Gait Trainer
Liam has made improvement using his gait trainer. (He is strapped into this piece of equipment which looks like a tricycle.) He can get around a bit more and if is close to a wall, he can use his arm on occasion to push himself from the wall.
Ice Cream
Liam REALLY enjoys feeding therapy when it includes ice cream. His preference is Strawberry Cheesecake by Ben & Jerry’s. He will sometimes complain when he is not given enough tastes of ice cream. 
Super Why!
Super Why continues to be Liam’s favorite show. He does enjoy other television shows as well.

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