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Some e-mails we received:
... just heard about Rafal's wife and baby. There are no words that
can make this better.
There is hope, always hope in the face of disaster and suffering. All we
can do is pray that the child is not injured, and if so to recover with
time. Miracles happen every day, we just don't see them.
We will pray for them. Love, Alicja
It's just Dawn.  I heard about the new addition to your family and I want to congratulate you all.  Kasia has told me how Liam's had a bit of a hard time.  Don't lose faith.
  As for myself, I do work with placental tissue, cord and maternal blood, vaginal cultures (yummie!) ect.  I've been in the delivery room and I've learned a lot about pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  I definitely don't know everything, but I have a lot of resources here.  After Kasia told me what happened, I went down to labor and delivery and spoke to some people there.  Here's what they had to say:
Babies are very very resilient.  So much so, that even the neonatal people here have been stunned many times with how well a baby can recover.
They've seen this scenario many times, and they've also seen that there are babies that recover just fine.
The cooling blanket or cap often has some very good results.
Your daughter in law is very fortunate to still have a uterus.  Most uterine tears or abruptions result in an automatic C-section.  She must come from strong stock so to speak.  So then, does the baby.
So, just stay positive.  Liam is a blessing.  You will enjoy him no matter what.  Look how much everyone loves the little guy already and he just got here!
I will keep him in my prayers,
Hello Adam, Gaby and Elizabeth,
Thank you for update. It sounds like Liam made a big progress and did not need the surgery!!! That's great this way Liam's body can heel itself, but it does it only while sleeping, so Liam needs a lot of deep sleep and milk helps in the production of melatonin (the brain produced chemical that makes us sleep).
It is very important to pump Elizabeth's breasts, as often as if she regularly fed Liam. If not, the production of milk will slow down and stop. So, pump it, and store in bottles for Liam (unless he doesn't tolerate at all your milk). But since he is sucking on the finger, as I understand, every so often try to breast-feed him. He may just start taking the breast. Once again supplement of fish oil, as a source of Omega3, (not 6, it creates inflamation!!!). Cod is best, 1 tbsp 2/day morning and evening with food, and VitB12, B1,B6, Bcomplex 100mg are the "brain food", for Elizabeth are a must while breast feeding Liam!.
Our brain's cells constantly die and new ones grow, and as much as 20% of our food is used to feed just the brain. 
Keep up the good work you're doing and give a lot of love and attention to Lars, so he has no reason to become jelous. I wish Liam and all of You all the best.
Gabi Adam dziekuje za update about LIAM condition.  Ciesze sie razem z Wami z kazdej dobrej wiadomosci i wierze goraco i modle sie o coraz lepsze.Liam jest i pewnie bedzie "dzieckiem specjalnej troski"  ale postepami wynagrodzi Rodzicom i Dziadkom  zal i bol.  Gabisiu  mam nadzieje ze wrocisz do domu spokojniejsza  i z nadzieja na "lepsze".  caluje basia
dziekujem za informacje i bedzie dalej modlic sie za pozytywny rozwoj Liama.
Jola i Janusz
Think positive & pray a lot  & believe it will be OK
Ella & I we have all Granville praying for Liam.
I send this information to Ella, She send this to a group of mothers from home schooling and asked for their prayers and we found  a grill that knows your daughter in-law, she went to school with her and it is Christina Ortiz, so as you see it has to be OK we are all praying for Liam and two cries are the first two steps I believe strongly it will be OK
Keep in touch
Love you and think of you a lot
Hi Elizabeth.
I can't really tell you what to expect from HBOT because each child is so
different and results vary just as with so many other types of therapy. My
point of view has been to keep trying new things, any thing and every thing
that could possibly help my boy which is what led me to HBOT. After hearing
your story about Liam, I think that it is definitely worth trying. It might
improve his tone and his oral motor coordination. I would suggest going for
a round of 40. It will take you about 3 weeks (2 a day, 6 days a week).
I've spent lots of time in hotels. I live 2 1/2 hours from the Jenny Rose
center in the Hudson Valley of New York. If you do 40 and see great
improvement then terrific, you decide whether or not to do more. If  you
don't see any thing dramatic you know that you can cross one more
experiment off of your list. After you do the initial 40 you can break up
the sessions into smaller blocks - I do 20 at a stint. 11 days in and out.
I have also found that after a couple of months there seems to be a
backslide in the gains that Valen makes and so I return for more. We
haven't been since Christmas because it is difficult for Valen to miss his
other therapies for such a long time. It's a toss up at this point.
However, the time we have done in the tank has definitely been beneficial
and if we had a tank closer to home I would take him more.
Because your boy is so young I believe that it is still very possible to
heal any area of his brain that may have been damaged around the time of
his birth. Obviously, my history with Valen is very different but I think I
understand where you're coming from. The area of Valen's brain damage was
documented on an MRI and 1 year later after doing about 100 hours of oxygen the brain damage was no longer evident on the follow up MRI. The
neurologist said that "spontaneous healing can occur" but "what he'd expect
to see would be atrophy in the area where the damage occurred". I felt like
that was a real cop out and he could have used it as a tool for his own
learning but, to me it is just one more example of how doctors really don't
know as much as they pretend to. (that's just my opinion of course)
I know the therapy is expensive. I  have had to do a couple of benefits to
raise money for Valen's therapies, but people love to help little children.
I started by writing a letter to everyone I knew.  Valen has a website that
I really need to update but you can take a look if you like it's
.www.goodjobvalencom . Again, I hope any of this has been helpful for you.
If you'd like to keep in touch my mailbox is always open. And, if you
decide to go I can tell you a few places you can stay. I also know of some
other centers around the country.

Dear Elizabeth,
Sorry it's taken me  a while to get back to you. I'm glad Sara's site has
been of help to you. We intended it to help other parents so it makes me
very happy that you found us. How did you come across our site?
I am always sad to hear about another lack of oxygen injury. However, the
good news is there are many many alternative treatments out there that can
make a huge difference. Everything you do pro-actively for Liam as parents,
will make your son into the strong little boy God intended him to be.
As for increasing head circumference.,..we took Sara Ann to a chiropractor
2 to 3 times a week and she always made adjustments to her skull, stretched
out her forehead and stretched the inside of the roof of her mouth, plus
adjusting her back. We noticed her movements were smoother afterwards and
she also seemed more alert. Sometimes she would verbalize more. We have not
found a good cranial sacral therapist to work with in our area. I do think
the chiropractic made a significant difference with her head shape and had been looking a little small and flat on top.
Re: food...I just used some ideas from Dr. Mercola's site. I added cod
liver oil and an egg yolk that I cooked I think about a minute...I don't
remember exactly anymore but I followed Mercola on how long to cook it.
then i whisked it into the formula with a whip. I followed the
nutritionists at the hospital to know what was considered normal for her
vitamin intake etc. When we switched to Nutrin Jr. the cod liver oil
addition was too much vitamin A so I dropped it and eventually I dropped
the egg too. She was maybe 2 1/2 years old by then. Many folks seem to
think that brain injured kids need more vitamins than other kids, but Sra
Ann has always been growing like a weed so I haven't added extra vitamins.
Once I added the egg (at 4 months old) she started gaining weight. The
hospital advised against it because many children are allergic to eggs. But
I knew I had to give her something and I didn't want to give her cream
because she had an over abundance of mucous. I have a friend with a brain
injured child who did add cream to great success. I have another friend
whose child is allergic to everything...they feed him potato based formula.
There is also a rice based formula. I would stay away from messes
up the hormones.
I hope this is helpful to you. The Institutes for Human Potential also
strongly urge parents to continue stimulating their children's brains with
flash cards, music, sensations, patterning etc. The flash cards are
important. All the stimulation causes brain growth and that is what will
really increase the head size. At 3 Sra's preschool teachers were quite
surprised that she already knew her whole alphabet. so I think that helped
with head size too. We stimulated her constantly.
I also put grape seed oil with a little lavender oil in it on my daughter's
spine every night. This oil is fat and fat feeds the myelin sheathes.
Spastics tend to lose myelin so you want to do everything you can to feed
the myelin. I also just read in the NY Times that repetitive movement
increases the myelin.
I hope you are considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It's really helped
our daughter. She has full range of motion in all of her limbs. They said
she would be fully contracted. Now they don't believe she will have any
I hope this is of help to you. I'm sorry that the update page isn't
downloading but thank you for telling me about it so I can try to fix it. I
will try to send you the updates in an e-mail and I will add your address
to Sara Ann's update list.
God bless and strengthen you. Build your base of support everyway you can.
You are going to need a lot of friends and family.
And God bless little Liam.

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